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    In my quest for a movie that people might come to see (haven't found one yet, my next movie is Cold Pursuit, a 2019 actioner starring Liam Neeson.

    A week or two back my wife was reading a book called Cold Pursuit. While it has nothing to do with this movie, I saw that title and thought, hey! Cold Pursuit. There's an action movie that I didn't play when it was new. I kind of intended to play it at the time since it has Liam Neeson in it, but other movies came along and I just never got back to it. So now's an opportunity. I'm hoping that since it has Liam Neeson in it people will recognize it, but it's also a sufficiently low profile movie that not everyone has already seen it. I guess I'll find out how well that theory works out over the next week.

    Anyway, this one has Liam Neeson as a snowplow driver who's taking revenge on a drug gang that killed his son. I expected to see the actual snowplow used to tear stuff up but there's not much of that; mostly he just drives around plowing the roads and then just stops once in while to go and kill someone.

    As an action movie it's not bad. Not a great movie but it's entertaining.

    They filmed this movie near Banff Alberta and asked Parks Canada for permission to film in the national park there. Permission was denied because the movie has an Indian drug gang in it; I guess you're not allowed to have a native drug gang in your movie if you want to use a national park. Seems silly to me, but what do I know?