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    Once in a while I see a historical drama that leaves me thinking that people today are certainly a bunch of wimps compared to how people had to live years back.

    (Side note: I read an article several years ago that stated even middle class people these days have a better life and lifestyle than old-time kings did, considering things ranging from quality of food, sanitation, health care (especially dental) and even stuff like central heating.)

    Back to the movie: The movie is laid out in three chapters and story is told three times from three different points of view. It's very interesting to see how even minor things like someone removing their shoes are seen so completely differently by the different characters. I'm no kind of an expert on medieval France, but the scenes and costumes are well done and look really good.

    It's bloody, it's violent and it has lots action-packed moments interspersed with some really interesting interactions with the feudal hierarchy and a sort-of behind the scenes look at how the nobles, the king and the church all sort of conspired to keep and expand their respective positions and influence, largely at the cost of the people who ranked below them.

    Good movie, well worth seeing and I learned more about medieval France than I knew before.

    Medieval battles are a bloody business indeed, and there's a lot more impact here than if you just read about it in a history book.