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The Terminator (1984)

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  • The Terminator (1984)

    I saw The Terminator last night at Harkins Northfield in Auditorium 17.

    The Terminator holds up. It's an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride from start to finish, an absolute masterpiece.

    Following several months of urging from yours truly, Harkins moved this showing from a smaller screen to Auditorium 17, the second largest screen currently in operation at the complex. (Half of the building is getting remodeled.) This was the biggest I've ever seen The Terminator projected, and it was magnificent.

    There were roughly 20 people in attendance. Although the crowd wasn't huge, The Terminator outperformed No Time To Die in the ~7pm time slot here and at most other Harkins locations. Many of the other locations drew much larger crowds and some may have missed out on ticket sales because there weren't good seats left, demonstrating once again that classics should be played on the biggest screens.

    The DCP used a remastered stereo surround mix (presumably) from one of the home video releases rather than the original mono. It sounded terrific.

    The image was sharp, steady, and bright, with only two small problems, both of which were visible only when the screen was dark.
    1. A square of stray light from the projection booth was visible to the left of center.
    2. A green "glow" was visible just below the square. This looked like it might be a blob of dust in the light path.

    The Terminator doesn't seem to play very often in theaters. If it ever shows up in your area, don't miss it.