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FS: DVDO Matrix 4x4 HDMI Video Switcher

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  • FS: DVDO Matrix 4x4 HDMI Video Switcher


    This device allows you to route between 1 to 4 HDMI video inputs to between 1 to 4 HDMI video outputs. If you use flat screen tv’s for menu boards or lobby trailer displays, this would be a good switcher for you. For example, you could select one input to be send to 4 different displays, or any of 4 inputs to any of 4 outputs.

    Supports up to 1080p, although the specs indicate that it supports up to consumer almost 4K/UHD. The problem is that all consumer UHD input devices such as Bluray players require HDCP 2.2, and this device is the older HDCP 1.4 which causes the input device to lower its output resolution to 1080p. This made the device not usable for my intended purpose of upgrading my existing 1080p switch to UHD.

    These devices are still expensive and available new on Amazon, but you can buy this one, taken out of the box only to make sure it worked correctly, for the bargain price of $100 + UPS Ground Shipping (USA Only).

    Contact me at with any questions or to purchase. Note that I am rarely online evenings, weekends, or holidays.

    dvdo matrix44.jpg