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Where Can I Find 'Oil Seal' for Simplex 35?

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  • Where Can I Find 'Oil Seal' for Simplex 35?

    There has always been a trickle from this machine by the main drive shaft and after changing the gasket, its been worse. First problem APPEARS to be that there was a 'Thrust Washer (P-1543)' in place, when referencing the manual on Film-tech states that it is NOT REQUIRED with a P-9812 Pulley (this is hooked up to a 5 Star Soundhead). Putting back to gether with out that, makes it better, but it still leaks. 2 questions come to mind: The 'Ball Bearing retainer' appears to have an insert that makes it fairly snug around the pulley shaft. Is this the 51-36008 'Oil Seal'? or is this a feature of the retainer and the 'Oil Seal' is another piece that goes in there? I didn't want to whack at it and risk damaging it.... (I know some may say get different equipment, but other wise it is just fine and the setup was something I operated with before the theater went digital, so sentimental aspect is high) . So as the title suggests, any idea where I might be able to get a replacement seal? Many thanks for peoples input!

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    Look on the face of the oil seal or around the outside edge. There should be a number. Or take the old seal to any bearing house and they can measure it,and they should have it. Its a very common seal...


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      Thank you Mark! Pulled the piece with gear puller and there were numbers deep inside the ring. Ordered from Bearing Depot and Supply in Middlesex, NJ (very friendly and helpful!)


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        Awesome! Some times the numbers are just printed on the outer ring and they disappear when the seal is pressed in. Also note any groove on the pulley shaft the lip of the seal contacts. You want to try to position the seal in a slightly different position from where it was so it does not ride in that groove. Otherwise it'll still leak. That was never a top notch solution to be honest. Obviously a seal should run on a hardened and ground surface, which that one is not.


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          Well it will be different as I removed the thrust washer that evidently shouldn’t be there according to the parts diagram. Thanks again for the help!


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            As a footnote ... for future searches.... Simplex 35 Model PR 1014 Generic Replacement oil seal is TC 17 28 7 2