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Author Topic: Phantom Menace prints
Brad Miller

 - posted 05-30-1999 03:40 AM            Edit/Delete Post 
What's the general opinion towards the Phantom Menace prints out there?

I've heard of some theaters that have already dumped their prints on the
floor due to the extremely high static that always accompanies Kodak
product film stocks. My screener prints shed like crazy and had so much
static on them that one could hear the crackling of the static on payout
towards the brain standing ten feet away! My run prints (two Premier show
prints and one regular release print) aren't shedding and have typical
Kodak static.

What about everyone else?

Ken Layton

 - posted 05-30-1999 03:41 AM            Edit/Delete Post 
The print I put together for the CHEHALIS THEATER (Chehalis, Wash.)
had a slight static problem with the last 250 to 300 feet of reel 3 only. The
rest of the print was fine, so far.

Aaron Mehocic

 - posted 05-30-1999 03:41 AM            Edit/Delete Post 
We have three prints at our theatre, two of which are not powdering and
both are static free. The third print may have caught on the splice between
reel 4 and 5 and spiked about 30 feet. Everything is fine until the film
reaches this point. Afterwards, a large bulge developes and must be
watched with moderate concern (Neumade Platters Suck!). We do not
know why our splice caught. We aren't even sure this caused it, since there
is a section spiked at the end of reel 4. The machine was threaded properly
with correct loops and checked by another projectionist before we started.
We were sick about it, but are now getting over it. Perhaps it was the film
that caused the problem, but I'm not sure. Also, I did not thread, or was
there when the mis-hap occurred, so whoa is me to cast the stone and say
what caused it. Overall, I'm pleased with the print quality so far, but we'll
see what it looks like a month or two down the road.

Brad Miller

 - posted 05-30-1999 03:41 AM            Edit/Delete Post 
I'll tell you what happened if the sprocket stretching starts WITHIN the
reel and not at a theater splice...

There was a piece of "crap" (I've seen all sorts of "crap" within a brand
new reel ranging from white masking tape to bizarre sticky black blobs on
the edge) in the middle of the reel and it caused the film to jump a sprocket
just enough to stretch them for the rest of the film.

To prevent it, hand inspect every foot of an incoming print by holding the
edges of the film while winding from reel to reel and cupping the film slightly
so you can feel for any foreign matter.

Joe Redifer

 - posted 05-30-1999 03:42 AM            Edit/Delete Post 

I assume my prints are on Vision Premeire stock (not sure) but so far they
are not shedding or having static problems. Not quite as good as a FUJI
print, however. If Georgeypoo had wanted to make sure his precious
Phantom Menace was presented as well as possible, he would have
definitely put it on FUJI stock. But hey---Kodak is the bigger name, right?
That's what counts! Just like Sony is a bigger name than Dolby or DTS.
Quality is secondary.

Brad Miller

 - posted 05-30-1999 03:42 AM            Edit/Delete Post 
Look at the edge of the print (or the leader in the can) and see what the 4
digit code is. Post it here.

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