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Splycemar 35TK tape splicer
Manufacturer:  Somar
Distributor:  Cinema Equipment in Florida
Rating:  A+
Reviewed August 2003 by Brad Miller

Hmmmmm, looks awful familiar doesn't it?  No there isn't anything wrong with the web server, as this is not a Neumade splicer, but a Splycemar.

The Marble company (now Cinema Equipment and Supplies) has struck a deal with Somar, the Japanese company who manufactures the 35SS splicer for Neumade to produce the same product under a different name.  Yes indeed, this is the SAME EXACT SPLICER.  There is only one catch, it's $100-150 cheaper than the Neumade branded one.

Here are a few side by side photos of the Neumade and the Splycemar splicers sitting side by side.  As you can tell they are identical in every way, even parts are fully interchangeable.  I would post larger and more detailed pictures, but it would just be a waste, as under close scrutiny I could not detect any difference between these two other than the label.

Even the splicing tape from Splycemar is the exact same tape as the Neumade.  The only difference is the center core is blank instead of having "Neumade" printed on it.

It should be noted that Splycemar replacement parts are all genuine parts from Somar, while all Neumade replacement parts are from the American manufacturer.  Beware of this, as the American made replacement parts are more along the lines of after market parts for cars...they may not quite fit just right.  Since the parts price is virtually the same from either company, you mine as well purchase Splycemar parts even if you have a Neumade.

Rather than say the same thing as the last review, I will just tell you to read the Neumade 35SS review.  This is the exact same splicer as the Neumade "Japanese" version I wrote about in the Neumade review.  This is the best tape splicer ever made for 35mm film hands down.

Bottom line:  You can do no better than a Neumade 35SS tape splicer, unless of course you want to save some bucks and buy the exact same product with the name Splycemar on it.

-Brad Miller
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