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Neumade 35SS tape splicer
Manufacturer:  Neumade Products
Rating:  A+
Reviewed July 2003 by Brad Miller

Here is the benchmark tape splicer of the industry.  No other splicer makes as good of tape splices as this one.  This splicer doesn't really need much description, as anyone who has ever used one (that wasn't damaged, of course) knows you can do no better.  Let's look at a few of the key features.

The registration pins are comfortably located a perforation away from the edge of the tape.  This allows the operator to smoothly rub their thumb (or finger) over the film to ensure a perfect splice without the pins getting in the way or preventing the edges of the tape from properly adhering to the film.

Now let's look at the negatives:

Neumade recently started to have a knock-off of this splicer manufactured in the USA.  Upon the switch the quality control took a noticeable drop.  As of the publishing of this review Neumade still sells both the Japanese made version and the American made version.   So make sure you check with Neumade before ordering to ensure you are buying the Japanese version of the splicer as it is a much higher quality product.  (Tip:  the Japanese splicer will have a "SOMAR" stamp on it from the manufacturer.)

Bottom line:  You can do no better than a Neumade 35SS tape splicer.

-Brad Miller
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