Rainbow Cinemas Woodbine 8
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cinema 6.  All the booths are Century projectors on Simplex SH1000 sound heads, BACP readers and ORC consoles.

The booth during construction looking down cinemas 2-4-6.

Rack in cinema 6 also contains NonSync distibution amp.  Cinema 4 and 6 have Smart Mod2B processors.

Projector cinema 5.

Processor and amps for cinema 2 "the screening room".

The rack for cinema 1.  Cinema 1, 7 and 8 have DTS.  Smart Mod6 processors, pyramid amps, with Smart amps on the surrounds and afterburners on the digital feeds.

Cinema 1.

Rack cinema 3 Smart Mod 6 Pyramid Amps.

Cinemas 7-8 during fitup.

Rack cinema 7 during fitup.

Projector cinema 7.  Cinemas 1, 7 & 8 have Kelmar turrets.

Hanging JBL surround speakers.

Altec speakers everywhere.  A5's in analogue house.

Screen frame construction.

Snack bar during construction.

The owner Tom Hutchenson standing proudly beside cinema5.

Cinema7/8 opening day.

Cinema1 opening day.

The rack for cinema 4.

Lobby opening day the horse murals are because the theatre is located next to the Woodbine Racetrack.

The snackbar opening day.

One of the murals.

Gordon committing the sin of being without his suit and tie!!!
Here he is putting the last cover on as the audience is entering.

Special thanks to Gordon McLeod for the pics.