Williamsburg Theater

Interior of auditorium, viewed from last row of seats.
Curtains and draperies are original from 1933.
Seats and carpet are probably from the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Interior of auditorium, viewed from stage.
Stairs at rear lead to mens' room (left - contains booth entrance) and ladies' room (right).
Three large doors at rear go to lobby; small door goes to office.
Note 1950's vintage Altec surround enclosures, originally installed for mag sound in 1954/55!

Interior of booth, viewed from entrance door in mens' room.
We're using Century SA projectors s/n 150 and 151.
The lamphouses are 2kw Christie K20's.  The bases are from the 1950s when Simplex XL's were installed along with the Altec mag sound equipment.

Interior of booth, viewed from opposite side.  Note the ancient B&L scope lenses atop the lamphouses.  The 16mm machine is a MARC 300 Kodak Pageant and is woefully inadequate for this theatre (80-foot throw, 15-foot-high picture).  Fortunately, we rarely use it.
Note alligator clips underneath it to connect it to the sound system!

Four projectors, from front to back:  35mm #1, 35mm, #2, 16mm, and 35mm slide projector.
The film running on the 35mm machines is "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Close-up of the #1 projector; the first part of "Life is Beautiful" is threaded up and ready to show.

The sound rack, from top to bottom:  booth monitor amp (four of these 100W McMartin paging amps powered the auditorium system until last spring!), booth monitor loudspeaker and channel selector, CP-50 processor, EQ for non-sync sound (CD player, microphone, etc.), QSC 900 amp for center and surround channel, spacer with 70v transformer (for
surround system) on back, QSC 700 amp for L and R stage channels, grey spacer with sound changeover box mounted on back, Kelmar exciter supplies.

2000' reels with 1/2" shafts underneath rewind bench.
Still useful for short runs, trailer reels, trainee projectionist, etc.
The film here is "Rocky Horror Picture Show."