Westside Cinema
Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand

January 1994 News Paper Add.

Neon Sign & Now Showing Display , there was also a Cinema Sign With Neon Chevrons Pointing to the cinema from the street

Concession Stand

Sign is Down after Closing .

Lonely looking shot.

View of the Upper part of the Cinema , mostly closed off for quiet times .

Curtains open to Scope (38ft) there is also a separate curtain with black masking to bring into 4.3 and 16.9

Resident Projectionists who worked for Hoyts and Chris Powell , Digby Slater & Girl friend and I forgot the others name.

Final Pose in front of the Ernemann IXs , there is also a Carbon Arc Slide projector to the left (not shown)

Paul Cassidy pretending to pull the start lever on the No 2 machine.

Another shot of the No 2 Projector

Demolition has begun , looking to the concession area and above you can see my old home (Bio Box)

Looking to the screen (all safely stored now.)

Special thanks to Paul Cassidy for the pics.