Wine Country Film Festival 2000
(16mm Projection Setup)
St. Helena, CA, USA

The 16mm venue at the 2000 Wine Country Film Festival was a bit out of the ordinary, as it was in an upstairs hotel banquet room, and the projector was placed outside on a covered balcony. An Eastman 25 16mm projector and Xetron 2000W lamphouse with Strong switching power supply were used for the 16mm presentations this year. Sound was using a PA amplifier and portable speakers.

A closer view of the film path on the Eastman 25.

Though dark, this was the 'auditorium' for the 16mm shows.

The 'booth' as seen from the ground. At least the weather was warm!

A closer picture taken from below.

Rewind central!

Another shot inside the auditorium.

How many projectionists have a booth with THIS kind of a view?

Running 6000' reels on the Eastman. Believe it or not, the aluminum foil did a very good job ov keeping stray light out of the venue.

The awesome view in the late afternoon... Ahhh... :)

Special thanks to Aaron Sisemore for the pics.