Galaxy 16
Waco, Texas, USA

Here is the premiere cinema for Waco, Texas.

Looks kind of like a Cinemark.

To the left is an arcade...

with concessions in the middle...

and the theater entrance to the right.

This theater is several years old, but has been very well taken care of.
The management and staff of this location was extremely friendly as well.

One of the satellite concession stands.

Underneath the large auditoriums is special meeting rooms that are available for rental.  Birthday parties are a common use.

Inside one of the meeting rooms.

Here is a shot of one of the auditoriums.

All auditoriums are stadium seating.  (The picture is blurry because it is a time-lapse shot.)

Better shot of one of the medium auditoriums.

Upstairs we find an all Strong package.

All screens are equipped with digital.  This one has SDDS with an Ultra stereo backup.

The upper booth.

Shot of a wing to the lower booth.

The other wing in the lower booth.

One of the film makeup/workstations.

The projectors here are late model Centurys, with Highlight II consoles.

Strong AP3 platters.

Automation is CNA-100.

Thought was put into the sound rack installations...notice how the conduit is up high so people don't trip over it?

Closer view of the projector/automation.

Another shot of the upstairs booth.

Here is one of the dts houses.

Adam Martin contributed to this photo set.