Wellesley College - Collins Cinema
Wellesley, MA, USA

The Collins Cinema is located in the art museum on campus; it looks small, but supposedly seats 170.  There is no masking on the shallow-curve screen, but the theatre is otherwise very well equipped.   The room is set up to show any combination of 35mm slides, several video formats, 16mm film (including mag and scope prints) and 35mm film (all aspect ratios).

Wide shot of the very crowded booth.  The film projectors are Kinoton FP-30s with 2kw xenon lamps.  These are the mechanical Kinotons, not the fancy electronic machines.  The on-screen picture is stunningly bright and steady.  Note the huge port glass, which covers most of the width of the booth.

Better shot of the Kinotons.  There is no outside exhaust for the lamphouses.

Close-up of Kinoton.

Eiki EX-9100 16mm projector with 2kw xenon.  This is on rollers and can be positioned between the 35mm machines.  It runs 6000' reels.

Recently installed Christie DLP projector.

Sound/video rack.  The film system uses a CP500-SR and Component Engineering booth monitor.

The video equipment is controlled using this LCD touchscreen; another one is located at the front of the theatre for live presentations.   For film use, this system is only needed to control house lights.

Neumade rewind bench.

Special thanks to Scott Norwood for the pics.