The Uptown Theatre
Washington D.C.

Projectionist's view of the auditorium. It seats 840 (including the balcony) and has a 70' deep-curve screen.

The Uptown is one of the only remaining change over booths in DC and consistently has the best presentation in town.

Projector #1 with Strong Ultra 80 lamphouse. The Uptown runs 5000-watt bulbs for 35mm and 7000 for 70mm.  The gates are water cooled.

 Century JJ bearing the Cinerama logo.

 One of the oldest and cleanest machines in town.

The Uptown can play SRD, DTS, and 70mm mag tracks. SRD is used most of the time.
The sound is pumped through Altec A4 & A7 speakers, and JBL subs.

Rewind bench with Phantom Menace ready to go.

Memorabilia over rewind bench.

Special thanks to George Roher for the pics.