UA Galaxy 9 Lines
Dallas, TX

The United Artists Galaxy 9 theater on a typical Saturday afternoon.

Yes, seeing a movie here is truly an experience.

What brings so many people to the UA Galaxy?  Perhaps it is the two largest screens in Texas!

No other theater anywhere around has THX, digital sound, stadium seating and wet gate projection.  This theater is commonly referred to as the "best kept secret in Dallas."

Ok so this isn't a typical Saturday afternoon.  It is in fact some shots of the line awaiting Star Wars Episode One.  The UA Galaxy has been identified as the "official" theater in the Dallas, Fort Worth area to see Star Wars...and for good reason.

See John standing at the middle ticket window?  He was camped out for a month 24/7 just waiting to buy tickets!  The guy on the right is Eric, one of the organizers of Countdown Dallas.  And the cameraman, well there was too many of them to keep track.

Super manager Ms. Monceaux resurrecting the computer ticketing systems after they crashed from hours and hours of non-stop selling.  Kristi Logan (the fastest ticketer in the South) answers the non-stop phone calls.