Broadway Cinemas
Tillsenbourg, Ontario, Canada

Cinema 3: Century H with Christie CH20 console and AW2 platter

Cinema 2

Cinema 1 with a CH30 console and a DAW with cinefocus removed

Sound system for Cinema 1

Exciter supply (great warm place to store a lens)

Back of Cinema 1's Century

Front of Century in Cinema 1. The logo in the upper right corner of the head says "Property of Expo67"

Not sure which is the exciter supply in use

Back of one of the Century H's

Front of the Century H

Exciter supplies seem to be the favorite place to store a high quality Wollensak lens

Back of another Century

Platter post of the AW2. All the booth equipment was supplied and installed by Roberts Film Service

Payout of the AW2 and the screendoor closer above

Auditorium 1 with one of its four acoustic panels

The screen in Cinema 1

The non-sync sound system in Cinema 3