Cinema West
Tiburon Playhouse 3
Tiburon, Ca

The Playhouse opened in 1948 as a repretory theatre, showing occasional movies.  It's been remodelled three times since then, ending up in its current three screen first run configuration.  The theatres aren't large, but they do offer great sound to the upscale bay-front community of Tiburon.

Back in 1996 the Playhouse had all AW3.  Since the booths are tiny, they've since and unfortunately been replaced with Super Platters.  The two big houses have CFS SX-2000 Consoles with Century SA's.  This booth has a CP-55 with SDDS Digital.

The original Simplex XL with the original Strong X-16 (Converted to Xenon).  This booth now runs with a CP-45 and DTS Digital.

Special thanks to Scott Neff and Aaron Sisemore for the pics.