Mann Southwest Plaza
Denver, Colorado

The exterior of the fabulous Southwest Plaza mall.  The busiest mall within a mile.

After you enter the doors, you approach the theater itself.  This picture is in 100% focus.  The entrance is actually out of focus in real life.

Here we have used Photoshop to simulate an in-focus entrance.
Mann's Southwest plaza is a 6 screen mall theater that generally plays the "family oriented" movies in the same booking zone as the Mann Bowles Crossing 12.

The lobby.
Yes, it is indeed a busy night for this establishment as the usher only had enough time to play one video game.

This is the hallway that leads to the 5 super huge auditoriums.

This is the giant auditorium with seats for approximately 300 enthused individuals.

Reverse shot of the mighty auditorium.

SPECO LP-270 platters...

Simplex 35 projectors run the film, which in turn entertain the thrilled patrons...

And LP and Associates XeLamp consoles is the driving force behind the presentations.

And here is the makeup/inspection station!

Incredible 1745 technology powers the rewind bench.

Trailers and other booth parts are stored on these shelves in one of the 3 booths.

A single sound rack does the work of two in these double booths with Dolby model CP-50s.

Closeup of the film feeding through the brain of the SPECO platter.

There are 3 booths total.  Here is the booth with stereo sound.  The other auditoriums have mono sound.

The soundrack that powers the mighty big screen.  Only the CP50 is built well enough to satisfy the demanding moviegoers that choose the amazing Southwest Plaza 5.

Here is the sound system for the mono auditoriums.  Go ahead and drool.

And we close with the funky reflector that lights the small screen.

Special thanks to Joe Redifer for the pics.