Svet Cinema
Chrudim, Czech Republic

Front facade of the building where the Svet single screen cinema is located

Main entrance

Door to the projection booth

Lobby and the cash desk


Projection room with a screen. Fully opened curtain allows accepting CinemaScope format 1 : 2.35 with 4-channel Dolby Stereo SR sound

Auditorium capable to admit 250 visitors.

Projection booth with two MEO 5 XB projectors, made by Meopta Prerov (Czech Republic). See rectifiers under the machines.

Another view of a couple of projectors. The left machine just rewinds a film reel

Close-up of MEO 5 XB equipped with 1500-Watt Xenon lamp

Detail of the switch panel on the MEO 5XB

The optical sound head of MEO 5 XB

Look through the projection window to the projection room. This position was formerly used for 16 mm projector. 16 mm is not available there

The projection head of the MEO 5XB with a lens revolver capable to carry 3 projection lenses

MEO 5XB projector and the sound console with Dolby Stereo CP 65 sound processor

Close-up of the sound console

Rewinding table

Special thanks to Stan Novotny for the pics.