Sun Pictures Picture Gardens
Broome, Western Australia

Exterior of the Sun Pictures Picture Gardens. It commenced exhibition in 1917 and has been in continuous operation since.

Main entrance to the outer foyer with the booth entrance on the right.

The outer foyer with ticket box and display of old machines used at the theatre.

A 1924 C&W silent projector upgraded in 1933 to sound speed and sound head added.

The original slide projector.

The inner foyer which is in front of the booth and concession.

The screen as seen from the foyer.

The Outer deckchairs and covered seats as seen from the screen.

The undercover seats, office on the left, concession, (closed) in the middle and the booth.

The closed concession and booth with the sound rack protruding through the wall.

Wide shot of the booth from the doorway, rewind table, 400W slide projector.

Right hand side of the booth.

Rear of the P35GPS-AT on annual routine maintenance day.

Synch and non-synch audio is handled by a 8 channel Mackie mixer

The Christie P35GPS-AT.

No room for a platter but just enough for a double sided tower.

Rear shot of the right hand side of the booth.

The sound rack, 3 amps and a couple of CD players.

Rewind bench/work area.

Special thanks to Rick Hunter for the pics.