AMC Studio 30
Mesquite, Texas

The most recent AMC Godzillaplex in town.  30 screens under one roof.

The endless booth of projectors.

There are actually 5 booths in this 30 screen.  This is the booth housing the two largest screens.  Down the hallway are two more booths, each housing one projector for the next two largest houses.  The picture above is one of the wing booths, each housing 13 projectors.  All equipment is Strong with Simplex projectors.

The workstation where all film is built up.
Placement of the 4 rewind tables in a square is a great idea in our books.

The booth "office" desk and workstation.

Plenty of storage in a 30 screen booth.

The 3 roller cluster in the top left corner is a failsafe tensioning device which will turn off the projector and lamp should a brain wrap occur.

The Kinetronics static eliminator.
The operators have found it does nothing in regards to static electricity, but run it anyway.

The Interlocking Tunnel!
Film is attached to the clothesline and pulled through this air duct into another booth at the far end.  Once the film is through the tunnel, the film is placed on the interlock rollers at each end of the tunnel to prevent scratching.