Starlite Drive-In
 Wichica, Kansas, USA

3 box offices to handle incoming customers more expeditiously.

Excellent grounds keeping of the concession area.

View of concession/projection main building.

Road intersection at the theatre entrance area.

View of field and screen from outside the projection booth.

View of the other screen.

View of field and screen from the lawn of the main building.

Very clean and well-maintained concession stand.

Projectors configures to handle platters and 6,000-foot reels.

Notice the water circulators for the cooling of equipment.

Just a common Simplex 35 and a 5-Star soundhead.

Ah, yes!!!! The good old reliable LP-270 platter!

Sound rack for one of the screens.

Sound rack for the other screen.

oooooOOOOooooo!!!!! Vacuum tube amplifier (Drool---)

What the heck, it works. So, who cares what it looks like?

A telescope used to help focus the screen which is a long ways away.

Thanks to this gentlemen who hosted our tour.

Special thanks to Paul G. Thompson and Josh Jones for the pics.