Warner Village Cinemas 30 screens, StarCity
The UK's largest cinema.

This is the largest cinema in the United Kingdom, with 30 screens and just over 5800 seats. The cinema stretches across from the two main 'hanger' like structures above the shopping complex and Megabowl. This picture show how far the poor projectionists have to walk from one booth too another.

A shot of the lobby and concessions stands, depicting the Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California.

Details of the lobby with the entrance to screens 19-30 at the end of the corridor is a full-size model of Batman with a view of Gotham City in the background.

Looking down the corridor at screens 21-26, Batman and the mural is just out of shot on the right. There is a Matrix style theme for the other side of the cinema which houses screens 1 to 12.

One of three 'Gold-Class' screens with leather reclining seats.

View in style.

The projection booth for screens 1 to 12. All Cinemeccanica installations with CP-500/SA-10's for audio. Screens 1, 12 and 19 are THX with SDDS.

The projection booth for screens 19-30, the two main booths run down the centre of each of the two giant hangers.

The booth for screens 13 to 18. The Mezz and Gold-class auditoriums stretch across the complex over the back of the lobby, both have dedicated bar areas

Typical Vic-5 projector with console and platter. Screen 13 houses a Vic-8 for 70mm presentations.

The Digital Light Processor (DLP) for screen 1. It really gets in the way when threading a 'film' presentation.

The 'Q-bit' for the DLP, this is where the audio/visual data is stored.
There is a control panel to manually pause, rewind and fast-forward the film should the need arise.

The aftermath of a 5K xenon in screen 19. KABOOM.

Close up of a Vic-5 projector, the projection booth is automated using Cinemeccanica's 'Vector 1000' software package.