Sunset Screening Rooms
Pandero S. Berman Room
Burbank, Ca

Projection booth of the Pandro S. Berman Screening Room

Alternate view of the booth.

Norelco DP70 35/70mm projectors.

Alternate view of the Norelco DP70s.
These machines can play optical, 6 track magnetic and Dolby SRD digital sound.

ATE monitor.
Dolby CP-500 with SRD.
Dolby CP100 magnetic preamp.
Ultra Stereo 70mm magnetic preamp.
Patch bay.
3 Dolby 365 SR adaptors.
6 channel meter rack.
Outboard equalizers.
5 Carvin FET 1000 amplifiers.
3/4", 1/2" and Beat SP video projection.

Right:  wide range electronic dubber.  1-6 tracks of Dolby A or SR sound.
Left:  MTM 16mm dubber.  Mono or Stereo.
Dolby MPU1 magnetic preamp.

Norelco DP16 16mm projector with ORC 1000 watt lamphouse.
16mm can be interlocked to the 35mm 6 track or 16mm dubber.