Southpark Drive In
Louisville, Kentucky

The Southpark Drive-in sign outside the snack bar.
This drive-in was dozed in 1999.

The large full service concession stand.  It had cafeteria style lines, self-service and the patrons paid the cashier at the end of the line.  It was built for high traffic.

Happy patrons return to the snack bar.

Projector #2, a Cinemecannica V-8 35/70mm machine with an Ashcraft Super Core Lite that was used to show intermission reels and cartoons.

Projectors #1 and 2.

Projector #1, another V-8 with a Strong X-60-C 4000 watt xenon lamphouse.
A vintage ORC platter is barely visible to the left of the projector.

The sound rack.  The amplifiers were Frazier F-106-C's (100 watts) and an Altec 1570-B (175 watts) driving a field of approximately 1200 speakers.

Special thanks to Chris Erwin for the pics.