Sonomarin Drive-In
Petaluma, California

These pictures were taken in the summer of 1982 just before and just after the platters were installed. The drive-in was demolished in 1990 to become a flood control lake.

Here is the booth back when it still was a changeover booth. Century DAW2 projectors on R3 soundheads, and Strong Futura II carbon arc lamphouses.

The booth in July 1982, after the platter was installed. The platter is a Norelco Rotomatic with the removeable microswitch brains. The xenon lamphouse is a Strong X-60B with a 4500 watt bulb.

A closer view of the platter brain. Yes, that is 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Another picture of the full booth.

The booth as seen from the bathroom stall. You can see the top of the huge Altec transmitting-tube amp rack just above the rewinder. The booth went to AM radio sound in 1986.

Another angle, here you can see the motors and take-up controller of the Norelco platter.

Another wide shot with a bit better lighting.

Another shot of the lamphouse, projector, and platter.

Special thanks to Aaron Sisemore for the pics.