Cinema West Sonoma Cinema 6
Boyes Hot Springs, CA, USA

The exterior of the main entrance to the theatre.

The box office and lobby.

Another lobby shot,  showing the self-serve soda and candy concessions.

Another angle of the lobby and snack bar.

Same angle, this time with the neon off and the snack bar lit up.

The #1 booth: CFS SX2000 console, CFS Super Platter, Simplex XL with Kelmar LED basement reader in the 5-Star soundhead. Sound in this auditorium in provided by a Dolby CP500, QSC and 'other' amplifiers, Apogee, Frazier, and JBL speakers.

The #2 booth: CFS SX2000 console, CFS Super Platter, and CFS Wallmount automation. Simplex XL/5-Star projection and soundhead.

#2's sound system: USL JS-260, CFS monitor, TOA PA amplifier, CFS exciter supply, two Apogee Artist speaker protection processors, QSC USA800 amps. Apogee and Frazier speakers.

#3's booth: Yet another CFS console with a Simplex XL and 5-star, and Super Platter (with a way-cool groovy cover) :)

#3 sound rack: CFS monitor, USL JS-260, two Apogee Artist speaker protection units, QSC USA 900, Radio Shack mini amp (for the private viewing booth), QSC USA900, Altec amp (presumably used for the surrounds or subwoofer), and Eiseman exciter supply. Apogee and Frazier speakers.

For those that were morbidly curious, this is what a 1998-vintage CFS Super Platter make-up table looks like. :)

Cinema 4- Same CFS/Simplex package as the previous three, and a better sound rack with a DTS-6 and all QSC amps, with Frazier and Apogee speakers.

The steep staircase leading up to the 5/6 booth.

Cinema 5, with slightly different equipment! CFS LSX console, Simplex 1015 with manual turret, CFS Super Platter, In the integrated sound rack we have aUSL JS-260, CFS monitor and Peavey CS-800 amps. JBL and Frazier speakers.

Cinema 6, basically a clone of #5's equipment list.

Looking into the back of #5's console.

Trailer and film can storage and the obligatory La-Z-Boy¨ :)  Yes,  that is a dead Super Platter motor laying on the table.

Booth Supply storage in the #5/6 booth.

Special thanks to Scott  Neff and Aaron Sisemore for the pics.