South Branch Cinema 6
Moorefield, West Virginia, USA

Front of the theater in the parking lot.

The outer lobby.

Concession stand (outer lobby).  Owners Mr. and Mrs. Williams are hard at work!

The projection system is bolted together.

The wires are pulled.

Installation is complete!  Who says consoles are easier???

Everything is threaded.  It's showtime!

Typical projection system, operating side.  (Theater #2 pictured)

Typical projection system, non-operating side.  (Theater #2 pictured)

Kinoton PK-60D with the rear cover removed.  Installation wiring is only 110volt AC in and 4 conductor cables to the automation (for motor control and changeover douser) as seen in the bottom center.

Kinoton PK-60D gear train.  Chains drive the sprockets, the single bladed shutter is driven off of the intermittent, which is directly coupled to the motor!  Note the easy oil fill.  The drain hose is on the right.

Typical sound rack in the large auditoriums.  The system is built around the Dolby CP650 processor.

Typical sound rack for the small auditoriums.  The system is almost identical except the processor is a CP65.

Installation by Cardinal Sound & Motion Picture Systems, Inc.
Special thanks to Steve Guttag for the pics.