Skyscape Complex
Greenwich, London

The Skyscape (cinema side).
The screen size is 20meters/60 feet with 2500 seats.

Just how do you use blooping ink with DTS?

Tom Pain of Future Projection, projection installation engineer.

70mm DTS print of the Millennium Dome commissioned "Blackaddar-Back and Forth", the only film screened at Skyscape.

Daniel Bielawski, projectionist.

Unpacking the Cinemecannica 35/70 CNR platter.

Setting up the equipment.

CNR platter in operation.

Projection engineer under stress.

View of cinema sound equipment.  DTS 6AD Processor, Denon CD player (non sync), OMR 8 Sound Hard Drive (originally designed for film sound track-but not used), DTS ES now added

The auditorium.

Special thanks to Ben Wales for the pics.