Skyline Drive-in Theater
Shelton, Washington

Owner Fred Thibodeau greets customers at the box office.

The lobby/snack bar.

Parking field and screen.  The screen is 40'x84' and the throw is 485'.
This all metal screen replaces a wooden one that blew down in a windstorm in Nov 1981.

Projection booth and apartment on top...lobby and restrooms on bottom.
The theater is built on a hillside.

Originally a changeover theater, both machines still operate.  The left machine is now the main projector and the right machine is the backup.
Mini-Pec automation is on the wall in the background.

Titanic threaded up and ready to run.

Simplex E-7 projector, Motiograph SH-7500 soundhead with mono cell and Christie 4000 watt console lamphouse.

Projectionist Ken Layton mounts the anamorphic lens.

Simplex tube amplifier for field speakers with RCA monitor speaker.
The 2 white boxes on the wall are LPB carrier current AM radio transmitters.

The two upper amplifiers are rebuilt Simplex AM-1080s.  The bottom amplifier is the Simplex monitor amp.  It has been modified with both new output and power transformers.  This unit is loud enough to blast you out of the booth.

The new Christie SLC console running a 4.2 k bulb.

The new console in position with the spare old console to the right.

The new Schneider scope lens in place. The wooden support brace that was attached to the front of the projector to support the weight of the old 1950's era Bausch & Lomb scope lens has been removed. The new lens is much lighter in weight and delivers a razor-sharp picture!

Special thanks to Ken Layton for the pics.