Famous Players SilverCity 16
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Daytime shot of our street sign.

The entire length of the building at night.

Zoomed shot of the main enterance.

Box office during a slow period .

Guest Services (somebody actually works there, they just didn't want to be in the photo).

Concession at night. Notice the giant sound and light show on the circular screens above. You can also see our giant video wall to the far right.

The lobby.

The terrace for projectionists to go between the south side (cinemas 1-8) to the north side ( cinemas 9-16).

A long shot of the north side projection booth. Our two booths are just long hallways with 4 cinemas on each side.

Projector #13 running. All of our projectors are Strong Simplex Millenniums, with Strong Highlight Lamphouses.

All of our platters are Strong as well.

The automation for #2. All of our automation is CineQ touchscreen, by Globalmic (a local company).

The sound rack for #13. We use Doly CP500's and QSC amplifiers. We run SRD, SR (only when we have to), and in a few cinemas, we run DTS.

The spotlight/slide projector for cinema #9.

This is the entire projection system for cinema #3.

Our make-up area. This has recently been moved, and it now has it's own room.

Special thanks to Kyle Connolly for the pics.