ShowEast 2001
Orlando, Florida, USA

Marriott World Center, Orlando Florida where Show East has been held these past two years.

AMC 25 in Downtown Disney World where all of the film screenings are held. Films screened include "The Business of Strangers" on film, "Crush" on DLP, "I am Sam" on film followed by 20 minutes of "Lord of the Rings" on DLP, "The Count of Monte Cristo" on film, "Ocean's Eleven" on DLP, "Kate and Leopold" work print on DLP, "40 Days and 40 Nights" work print on Film.

AMC 25 booth #1 looking through the port glass. The small DLP machine on the left was used for the preshow. Then there is a Strong 35mm system. The next projector is the TI Prototype DLP machine we have been seeing at the shows these past two years. Underneath the TI projector is a slide projector. Is this the booth of the future?

AMC 25 booth #1 TI's prototype DLP machine they have been using these past 2 years.

AMC 25 booth #1 Film and DLP sound rack. I can assume that the rack on the left is the one AMC put in but I think the rack on the right is one Show East put in because you need a CP650 to decode the video sound.

AMC 25 booth #1 these are four video servers used to serve the video movie to the DLP machine. Only two were on for the show. This was the only evidence of video servers in the booth. In theory all of our films came via Boeing's Satellite.

Trade Show, Megasystems model of a large format theatre utilizing a Megasystems 8 perf 70 mm machine (not pictured).

Trade Show, Megasystems another view of the same model.

Trade Show, Megasystems 15 perf prototype projector. It uses two intermittents and seems very simple. They have yet to sell one. This would be like IMAX but the projector would only cost 1/10 of the cost of an IMAX machine.

Trade Show, Megasystems 15 perf, 70 mm large format projector close-up view.

Trade Show, Film-Tech super hero Steve Guttag could be found hanging out in his favorite booth next to the Kinoton MP75E that can run 35mm or 70mm at any speed you like.

Trade Show, QSC booth.

Trade Show, Very cute Chinese portable projector. It uses reverse scan sound and a 1,000 watt Xenon lamp. You can get it on a stand as shown or on a base than has 13,000 foot reels. I want one. This projector would be perfect for the home and small outdoor screenings using the new Hurley inflatable screen.

Trade Show, Chinese portable projector with the doors open.

Lord of the Rings dinner - Mike Hurley of can barely be seen peering out from behind the lady.

Screening, this is a picture of the Rialto's Bookers Mark and Doug of ESP.

Ernemann projector and console. I took this photo just for Gordon McCloud.

Ernemann projector close-up.

Special thanks to Ian Price for the pics