Sam Hunters Apartment Cinema
(or SDH Cinema as I call it)
West Monroe, LA, USA

Front view of the projector with the Dolby Processor, Exciter, Amplifier cabinet in front.

A view of the gigantic 6' screen. Hey, gotta start somewhere.

Rear view of the system looking towards the screen.

A look at the Exciter/Lamphouse/Motor control panel underneath the homemade 650 Watt lamphouse.

A close up of my Dolby CP50 Processor and 10 Volt exciter power supply and 3M Brand 6X20 Watt amplifier.

Another shot of the processor with its cover open. The matrix card is a CAT150F version.

Another frontal shot of my setup that I touched up for better viewing. Note my wife's hobby in the background.
Scott D. Neff would indeed be proud that we have Chick-Fil-A restaurants nearby (left side of picture).

A shot of the screen with a Nascar Coke ad playing, the scene was in motion but still shows how well my homemade lamphouse lights the screen.

Another shot of the same ad.

A view of the gear side of my baby.

Inside view of my lamphouse. The main components consist of an Ellipsoidal reflector, EKD 120V-650Watt Quartz Halogen lamp, 250 CFM Dayton coaxial fan.

A close-up of the fan. Note that the fan draws air from the front of the lamphouse through the front opening and exhaust through the back.

A close-up of the homemade lampholder assembly. Adjustments are provided for bulb focus and X-Y positioning.

A close-up of the exhaust port.

A closer look at the screen loudspeakers, The right and left are two Studio Reference speakers and the center speaker is an RCA radio shack special. They all sound the same to me but I would like to try and match all my front speakers.

A close-up of my non sync CD player complete with an MOVIETUNES CD in it. I rock!!

My modified B-L Scope lens. Modified for short throw focus of about 18'.

A view of my multipurpose workbench, the rewinds are mounted on two 1 X 10's and can be placed aside when I am not using the rewinds.

My homemade 6000' rewinder station, also used for filmguarding.

The old standby, a nice vintage Goldberg rewinder. Works like a new one.

A view of the "FILM VAULT". I have a small Air Conditioning duct running into this closet from my HVAC unit and it keeps the thing fairly temperature and humidity stabile.

My home cinema setup's technical specs:
1 Brenkert BX80, RCA9030 Soundhead with Kelmar Bilateral pickup, Enginestand rollaround pedestal, top and bottom Kelmar 6000' reel arms, Dolby CP50 analog processor, Modified 13.5 volt power supply to power the exciter lamp, 3M branded 6 X 20 Audio power amp, 2 Studio reference front left and right channel speakers, 1 RCA 50 watt center speaker, two RCA 50 watt surround speakers, 6 x 6 tripod screen. It takes me about 30-45 minutes to setup the system for a show and I use a CAT251 test film to get everything lined up.

Special thanks to Sam Hunter for the pics.