SDH Cinema page 2
West Monroe, LA USA

Let there be light!!! I like that shot for some reason.

A close-up of the HunterLabs automation panel.

A shot of the power center, branches off the house mains.

A view of the label on my ORC power supply. Thanks go to Paul Thompson for this unit!

Just thought I would display the proud Brenkert symbol on my pedestal.

My backup Non Sync music machine. A nice Pentron T-20 reel to reel unit.  This one is just like the one we had years ago at my dads drive in.

Another view of my slide projector installation.

A nice view of my old Nuemade rewinder. Works like new.

A view of my film storage area and it's meager holdings. have no fear though, I will start building it up now that my projector installation is finished.

A view of my makeup/work table. Looks familiar doesn't it?

Another shot of my work area. (Play area)

Shhh! The movies playing! I tell you that Xenon lamp works great and looks great!

And when the movie joint is closed there is a home in its place. My wife is still not sure about this but so far I still sleep in the house.

And here is my portholes which took some nerve to install in my new home. As with above my wife is ok with this so far.

The 8 foot Draper Luma at rest. It really is a good screen. One day I hope to motorize it or build on to the house and make a dedicated home cinema.

A better shot of my port holes. I used 1/4" Plexiglass and it seems to work ok. Just have to be careful cleaning it but all in all it works great.  (Thanks Ken Layton for the advise).

Screen down waiting on the show to start. Talk about planning, I lucked out on getting the picture to fit and work with both Flat and Scope.

A view of my surrounds. I wonder if they are too high though? Anyway they work great.

Yet another view of the porthole installation.

A shot of the crazy installer before he starts to cut the holes for the portholes. Had to run that joker off.

Here is an expert at work. He's wondering what to do with all the pieces.

Special thanks to Sam and Lacy Hunter for the pics.