SDH Cinema
West Monroe, LA USA

Operating side during a test run of a scope film to see how well my anamorphic lens works.

Rear shot of the projector setup.

Side view of the setup.

Side shot showing the Hunterlabs automation panel custom built for SDH Cinemas.

Another side show showing the cabling a little better.

A close-up of the Sawyers 550 slide projector. I am using a mirror to bounce the projected image 90 degrees to the screen as I had no option to make a porthole just for it. I can't believe it works.

A close-up shot of the Simplex Base to RCA Head Adapter bracket from Wolks. It works ok, messes up your lamphouse alignment though.

A nice view of my Brenkert medium duty 4 point base.

A close-up view of my sound head connections for the photocells and Cue Detector.

A view of my support installations.

Another view of the installation.

A better view of my slide mirror setup. The mirror is glued to the two pieces of wood which is held in place by rubber magnets glued to the bottom of the wood.

My lamphouse exhaust setup, a 6" ID vent tube with a 450 CFM fan in the attic that runs as long as power is applied to the booth.

A shot of my updated CP50 and the custom label I made for it to reflect the Automation card upgrade. (Thanks Mark Gulbransen)

A shot of the insides of my CP50 Processor. What a cool device!

A shot of my Smart 554 booth monitor/Exciter. Pretty neat thing to have!

A shot of the front of my ORC QCS400 Rack Amp System. It has 4 removable 100 Watt amp modules with room for 2 more. Unit has built in monitoring capability but I bypassed it in favor of the Smart 554 monitor.

A back view of the amp system showing some nice wiring.

Another shot of the amp wiring showing the power and speaker connections. The two relays are used for switching my wall mounted surrounds from the Home entertainment system when off to the cinema sound system when powered up.

A view of my Cue detector/failsafe unit. Works great, not sure who made it but it works great.

A slightly blurry view of my RCA MI-9030 soundhead. Due to receive a paint job in the fall.

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