Rainbow Cinemas Saskatoon
Saskatchewan, Canada

Cinema 5 soundsystem a Smart Mod2bFS.

Cinema1 booth BX60 Chrisitie console Strong platter and Mod6.

Booth #1

Looking down the main booth.

Christie vertical console.

CFS console and Smart 2bSRS processor.

Cinema 3 CFS console and Smart Mod2bFS.

Cinema4 ORC console with BX60 projector.  All the machines are spotlessly maintained.

BX60's waiting to be rebuilt in this row is the oldest known BX to still exist with serial#11.

The run in stand in Leons workshop where more brenkerts get a needed rebuild.

Looking down the booth, all projectors are Brenkert BX60's with Simplex XL soundheads.

Cinema 5, one of the smaller screens.  All theatres feature Stereo Sound.

Video image on the screen in cinema 1.

Cinema 1 from the front looking back with the NEC video projector at work

Atmospheric lobby painting and murals.

Special thanks to Gordon McLeod for the pics.