Rialto Theatre
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Upper booth at the Rialto featuring a 5-deck Kinoton, a tower system, real arms, A Philips nee Kinoton FP30 and a Philips DP75 just to run trailers.

Booth makeup area at the Rialto

Upper booth at the Rialto, note that they have a Dolby CP650. That Philips DP75 is just for running trailers.

Rialto http://www.rialtofilm.nl

The Rialto in Amsterdam is a non-profit art cinema. There is a board of directors. All of the staff is volunteers. The concession stand sells no popcorn but you can get a stiff drink. There are two auditoriums of about 125 each. They are very plain but comfortable.

Special thanks to Ian Price for the pics.