Regency Theatres
San Francisco, California

The Regency I is located in Theatre Row, around the corner from the Regency II, across the street from UA Galaxy 4 and two blocks up from the door-closing AMC 1000 Van Ness, a 14 screen stadium-plex that has put the squeeze on many of the old singles in San Francisco.

One of the many snack-bars and lounge areas inside this elaborate theatre.

The Regency was once the "Crystal Ballroom" concert venue for many of the 60s great music acts.  As a theatre is was equipped with about 800 Grigg's Pushbacks, balcony and all.

The more modern auditorium at the Regency II.

The booth of the Regency with Norelco AAII projector and Christie AW3 platter.

This is the booth at the Regency II - complete with another Norelco projector and this time a Xetron platter.

This Norelco projector has since been removed and is waiting to be used at another theatre. It would be a shame to let a perfectly good projector go unused.

Special thanks to Scott Neff and Aaron Sisemore for the pics.