Regal Cinema
Cranleigh, Surrey. England

Exterior of the Regal Cinema.

The entrance foyer.

Concession stand.

Original 1930 art deco with five color decoration.

Westrex double-sided tower.

Reverse shot.
The booth also has a CP55 with SR, quad amps and AEI 2kw xenons.

Westar 2001 projectors with RCA 9031 soundheads.

A restored Premier all purpose slide and effects lantern (a poor man's Brenograph) claimed to be the only working one used daily in the UK.

One of the many effects slides.

Premier standard slide lantern. Used to caption end of Trailers, 'Friday Next' etc. & superimpose also 'Coffee' / 'Ice Cream over a sales trailer that only had popcorn and soft drinks on!  All pulsed on & off  by Cinemation.

A replica  Cinemation unit, built with the approval of Bernard Bentley, the inventor of Cinemation. The 30 different  functions were all put into operation making the whole programme completely automated! There are 48 pulse lines, the average  used 12-14 lines. Different matinee and evening programmes made the board pretty full and complicated looking.  Projectomatic type sensors were on the projectors & Revox tape decks!

The non-sync bay consisting of 2 Sony MDS-JE530 minidisc decks. 2 Revox A77 mk4 - ¼ inch tape decks. CDs were dubbed over only!
(The cassette decks were removed shortly after these pictures were taken).

The Projected Picture Trust at Bletchley Park now have on display (some working) the following items from the Regal:  Cinemation unit, Control boxes,  Premier All Purpose Slide & Effects Lantern,  Non-sync mixer, Clocks from auditorium & projection room, Stage curtains, Dimmers etc.

Special thanks to Bernard Tonks for the pics.
Picture credits: Bernard Tonks, Bob Foley, Nick Fyffe and Michael Fairfax.