Village Recoleta 16 Cinemas
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exterior of the Village Recoleta at night.

Exterior of Village Recoleta at night diferent angle.

Fountain and main entrance of complex. The complex has 6 parking levels below ground and 4 above. Ticket box is on the first floor and cinemas 1-6 are on the third. Cinemas 7-16 are on the -1 and projection rooms are below (not above) the auditorioms. Thats the reason for these custom made Christies...

Exterior of Village Recoleta day. It opened in June 1999.

Foyer shot showing three levels. Hooters is on the third floor as well.

Cinemas 3 and 5, both running. 2nd and 3rd largest cinemas with 318 and 296 seats. Cinema 1 is our biggest with 438.

Fdown stairs projection booth. It is below the cinemas. All screens have CP500, CA-21 automation and are monitored on a PC running CA-Link. There are CCTV cams in the auditoriums and we check focus and framing on a small monitor in the booth.

Custom made rectifiers for a half-console.

Motor and gear-box to rise the projector lift to the start position (5 mts up).

The following are diferent shots of the projector and half-console in the down position
You lace it up, press rundown and it starts to rise to the start position. Program the start time and you are done.
Focus and framing is controlled remotely.

All screens have the same set up. CP500, CA21s, QSC amps, Krix speakers.

The lift sits on 4 unit-tracks the rides on a rail. In theory, the weight of the console is compensates and you should be able to lift the console with one finger.

Wide shot of the booth.

Special thanks to Mauro Mastrosimini for the pics.