QSC's ShowWest 2001 Paris Ballroom sound rack
Installation and design by Boston Light & Sound
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The complete QSC racks as prepared by Boston Light and Sound before shipment to ShoWest 2001.

The specs...Subs: 16 DCA 2422 bridged.  One amp per EV TL880. Each DCA 2422 bridged with this 4 ohm load puts out 2400 watts each for a total of 38.400 watts of power for the subwoofers.
Just about every amp was bridged.  The rest of the system was comprised of 42 DCA 1622 bridged at 8 ohms, 1100 watts, totaling 46,200 watts.  26 DCA 2422 bridged at 4 ohms, 2400 watts, totaling 62,400 watts.  12 DCA 3422 bridged at 4 ohms, 3400 watts, totaling 40,800 watts...for a grand total of approximately 150,000 watts!
The room was 380 feet by 225 feet eith a 30 to 34 foot ceiling (larger than a football field).  The volume of the room was 2.7 million cubic feet, 85,000 square feet.

Special thanks to John Gordon for the pics.