ShoWest 2003 random photos from
Quarks and Ian's platter challenge
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Tuesday night a few friends got together to visit the Star Trek Experience and ate at Quarks.

Kat Bagget and Aaron Sisemore.

Dennis Benjamin with wife Elizabeth and son Eugene in the foreground.  Christopher Seo on the right.

Some pictures from above the restaurant.

The Star Trek Experience just outside the restaurant.

If you haven't eaten here, you must make it a priority the next time you are in Vegas.

The Great Platter test, clearing the film from the top platter (Dwayne Caldwell, Josh Jones, Brad Miller)

"Are you SURE this thing will hold me?" - Ian Price
"Hey it held me AND another big guy!" - Larry Shaw
(Josh Jones, Larry Shaw's back, Ian Price)

Ian vs. the Kinoton platter...drumroll please.

...and it doesn't topple.

In fact, Ian is so happy he starts to dance a jig.

Indeed, it would have been a very bad thing at this time if the platter had collapsed!

Lots of spectators were drawn to the Kinoton booth as the giant climbed aboard the ST-200.
Next Ian must tackle a Strong special venue platter.

Ooooooh, that's not a good shot.  Somebody delete that.

And we close with John Pytlak standing proudly with a Fujifilm display.

Special thanks to John Pytlak for contributing to this photo set.