ShoWest 2003 Film-Tech Drink
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

On Wednesday evening, various people in the industry gathered at Bally's for an informal drink.

Foreground - Bob Maar, Phil Hill's back, Michael Shaffer.
Background right - Jon Busch, Gordon Bachlund.

Michael Schaffer sporting his Mueller's Atomics T-shirt.

Ross Kranz

Phil Hill and John Gordon

Ross Kranz and Jon Busch trying to score

Josh Jones

Oscar Neundorfer

Phil Hill, Ian Price, John Gordon at bar

Ian Price, Aaron Sisemore and Kat Baggett

"The" Steve Guttag, Dwayne Caldwell, and a bit of Ian Price (no camera can fit all of him in a shot anyway.)
That platter in front of Steve was loaded down with cheese before he got there.  Something about platters and cheese really gets Steve going.

Ian Price reflecting on the evening, and in the mirror.

Phil Hill

John Gordon

Christopher Seo, Josh Jones

Christopher Seo, Josh Jones and a bottle of rum.

Ian Price and a bit of Michael Schaffer

Phil Hill admiring Josh Jones's spiked hair

Michael Shaffer enjoys some snacks while Steve Guttag gets drunk on a Coke.

Michael Schaffer asking Ian Price where the Boardwalk hotel is so he can crawl home

Michael Schaffer, Christopher Seo, Dwayne Caldwell entertained by Michael's slurred speech.

Josh Jones and Phil Hill

Michael Schaffer asking Christopher Seo where the Boardwalk hotel is

Kat Baggett chats with Dave Bevilacqua and John Pytlak.

Jack Cashin, Clint Koch and Paul Thompson on the right.
Michael Shaffer asking Bob Maar where the Boardwalk hotel is in the background.

Phil Hill and John Gordon at the bar with Christopher Seo in the foreground.

Ray Derrick and Oscar Neundorfer.

Dwayne Caldwell, Ian Price and Aaron Sisemore.

Jon Busch chats with Josh Jones and Christopher Seo.

John Pytlak makes some weird drinks.   Click here for a video.

Michael Shaffer tries to convince Phil Hill and John Pytlak that he is not drunk.

Phil Hill finally gets that pic with Josh.

John Pytlak and Phil Hill fight over cell phones.

Ian Price...wasted!  (But not near as bad as Michael Shaffer was.)

The view.

Special thanks to John Pytlak for contributing to this photo set.