ShoWest 2003 Trade Show
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

All pictures have been meticulously organized in whatever order they happened to fall.

Cinemeccanica (Victor Nicelli)

UltraStereo (Roger Hilliard)

Strong Exhibit on Trade Show (Ray Boegner)

Digital Projection (NEC) DLP Projector, Strong exhibit

New Strong projector

Digital Projection DLP projector (front view)

Digital Projection DLP projector (rear view)

Digital Projecton DLP projector (lower lumen model)

Atlas Lighting exhibit (Bob Ray, retired projection engineer from Disney EPCOT Center)

Steve Guttag and Michael Schafer at trade show

Chapin Cutler (Boston Light and Sound) and Aaron Sisemore

Ian Price and Jim Bedford (Telluride Film Festival)

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