ShoWest 2003 Las Vegas Sights
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"Eiffel Tower" Paris Hotel

"Arc de Triumph" Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel exterior, site of ShoWest

Aladdin Hotel exterior (next to Paris Hotel)

Paris Hotel exterior

"Statue of Liberty" at New York NY (on walk back from IMAX screening at Luxor)

Tugboat and Empire State Building, New York NY (walking back from IMAX screening at Luxor)

Leaving Las Vegas, "The Strip"

Leaving Las Vegas, "The Strip"

Las Vegas from the air

John's flight home...
Rochester NY on Lake Ontario (right over Kodak Park where film is made)

Rochester NY Genesee River (right over Kodak Park)

Downtown Rochester NY (Kodak Office tower in foreground)

Downtown Rochester NY (Kodak Office buildings to left)

Special thanks to John Pytlak for contributing to this photo set.