Post Falls Cinema
Post Falls, Idaho, USA

Self-lowering marquee.  Just push a button and the marquee lowers to ground level for changing letters!

Outside of building has parking on 3 sides.

Snack bar has had neon added on each side of the menu boards since this photo was taken.  Tickets are sold at the far left of the snack bar.

Video games have been moved since this photo was taken.

One of the small auditoriums.

One of the two large auditoriums with digital sound.

This end of the booth is for the two large digital sound auditoriums.

Booth looking toward the smaller houses.  Theater had a mix of Super platters, Strong platters and Speco platters, but has now been upgraded to all Strong platters.

Booth equipment for the smallest house.

Typical sound equipment for the small houses.  That's the rear of a Cinecita projector and soundhead (copy of a Century "SA").  This projector has since been replaced with a Ballantyne Pro-35 projector with Ballantyne model 7 soundhead.

This is what was there for sound in the largest house when Oasis Entertainment took over the theater.  Oasis has now completely replaced this system with a brand new DTS digital sound system with all QSC amplifiers.

Special thanks to Ken Layton for the pics.