The United Artists
Dallas, Texas

Welcome to "The United Artists".  Yes, that's no joke.  This is a UA theater and it is called "The United Artists".
(Superhuman sheer genious was certainly at work the day of naming this one.)
This theater has finally had it's named changed to "The UA Plaza", after unbelieveable amounts of confusion between other UA theaters (one even on the same named road in another town) regarding the newspaper ad.

Now isn't that slick!  This was one of the first theaters to actually have the box office INSIDE of the building so patrons don't get rained on during bad weather.  Escalators take the moviegoers to the auditoriums.

This theater has 70mm capability in 3 of it's 8 screens.  This is #2, one of the two big houses seating 750.

This is #6, the only house in the complex that can run a digital sound format other than SDDS...and it's got all three!

Back shot of the projector.  Ceiling space is limited with all of the digital readers.

The sound rack for #6.  4 out of the 8 screens are THX.

Of course, this isn't exactly the most ideal location for the sound rack...but it works.

Shot of a small auditorium.  Half of the small houses have SDDS.

A non-digital small house sound rack.

None of the projectors can be directly walked to.  There are many corners and hallways to navigate due to the high ceiling of the lobby and storage rooms.

The film work area.