Lake Street Plaza Cinema
PennYan, New York

Gordon McLeod aligning the led reader in cinema 1.

Gordon aligning the Smart Mod 2 processor in cinema 1.

Sound system includes DTS6D with Panastereo processor, QSC amps, Peavey stage speakers and Boston Acoustics surrounds.

All Simplex XLs with 5 Star soundheads, Super Lumex lamphouses and Potts platters.

Cinetron Mark4 automation and dimmer.

Booth 3 with the owner gazing at an original bottle of FilmGuard from the first batch of 1000 ever made for commercial sale.  (The non-silk screened bottle gives it away.)

Smart Mod 2B FS in cinema 3.

Booth 3 machines.  Probably the cleanest equipment around.

Booth 2.

Smart Mod 2b 3 channel with QSC amps in cinema 1.

Booth #1

Special thanks to Gordon McLeod for the pics.