Peterborough Community Theatre
New Hampshire, USA

Construction and finished pictures

The new screen frame gets laid out. Let's see, insert slot "A" in tab "B" and rotate the entire affair 180 degrees? Huh? What?

Another shot of the frame being looked at. The old curved sheet rock screen is still visible here behind the angle iron.

Framus Erectus! The new frame is up and secured to the wall. Hmm, might have been easier to paint the old screen before we did this? Oh well.

The new frame with the screen array in place. Not wired yet, not tuned yet, many miles to go yet, but damn it looks cool.

A young boy, my son actually, threatens the subwoofer with a toy boomerang. This is the shot that gave me the chicken wire idea. I put chicken wire over the subwoofer to protect it.

The entry to the oil tank room. This is how it's looked for years. Pretty shabby huh?

The old sound system, no kidding, stop laughing, in my garage after being removed. It was pretty easy to take it out as you can see.

The marquee during construction. Yes, people asked what "Closed May" was about and when the show started. Gotta love the public.

The lobby during construction. Watch your step please.

Front wall stripped, insulated, screen frame up, screen hung, carpet cut back out from under seats, floor pre underway. Front wall almost ready to be "finished" at last.

Another view of the front wall. Lift ready to do the ceiling tiles. Yes, we dropped clothed the screen once it was up to protect it well. Exit trim being painted when this shot was taken, drapes above exit not yet re-pleated.

Would you like a 20 foot extension ladder with that large popcorn? The right side exit getting ready for a good painting. Drapes ready to be worked on as well.

It's dirty in this pic. You can't tell because of the quality of my cam but it was shabby. The vent in the upper right of this shot had a half inch of dust growing on it. Gross.

Rug removed on one side. As you see it used to go up under the second row of seats. No good. You get an idea of the new carpet line in this shot. Much nicer. That's the lift I spent 2 days on doing ceiling tiles.

The front wall. My old white ceiling complete with water spots and sagging tiles. You can't see it but the sub has chicken wire over it's face to protect it.

The concession stand before it's face-lift by my hard working and cherished wife Judi. Thank you Judi for all you do. You are the world to me.

Construction debris was removed daily to avoid anyone being injured on the pile. We have an ice cream shop right next door to us. The ice cream shop is run by my mother and sister. We have one other business downtown as well. We stay pretty busy I tell you.

New screen masked out, exit trim all done, floor painted, waiting for the new carpet in the morning.

A look straight toward the screen. It's big for the room and people like it. The only old thing in this shot is the rug.

The right side exit all repainted and trimmed out. It actually looks like an exit now!

The left side exit all done except for the carpet. You can see where I painted the ceiling vents in this shot. Right there on the old rug.

A slightly different view of the right side exit door. The little door leads to the oil tanks for the building. It was never finished off before. Now it's trimmed and painted.

Two new surround sounds on newly re-pleated and cleaned drapes. I think they came out pretty nice! I'm no fabric person but I was happy with the way the walls looked when we were done.

A look at the new "bitchin" ceiling. That's the word my wife used when she first saw it. That ceiling took two days to accomplish. Something like 80 man hours went into it in those two days. It was a huge job.

A look at the new masking from atop a ladder as I install the assisted listening device, or as we call it, the ass listener.

The new location for the popcorn station. It used to be out front serve yourself. What a damn mess that was. It used to be free refills. Kids used it as confetti. No more. We now have control over the popcorn and the butter situation. Since we did this, the theatre has stayed much cleaner.

My wife Judi painted the entire concession stand alone. Without her, this part of the project would not have been accomplished at all. Thank you Judi.

A look down the hallway, past the concession stand on your left and into the auditorium. The carpet went it the next morning and we ran Matrix Reloaded in a theatre that was completely reloaded.

I'd like to thank all of you for the support and guidance I received from this board. It was invaluable. Kudos gentlemen, pat yourselves on the back, I did not receive one piece of bad advise. On the contrary, the advice I got here kept me from going down roads that may have doomed this project from the start. We did it. It's done.......

I'll never do it again!

Special thanks to Ray Bernardi for the pics.